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Wasatch Co Board Group2017-18 Board of Directors

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 Thom copy copyThom Benedict (Treasurer)

I promised myself a long time ago: whatever I was engaged in had to benefit my community--local, global, environmental. Since then, I've applied myself in a variety of ways toward achieving this goal including working as a Student Conservation Associate on Grand Canyon National Park's revegetation crew, participating in the Aplomado Falcon endangered species reintroduction program, and serving as Education Director and, eventually, Executive Director for HawkWatch International. I've also had the privilege to work at two cooperatively owned grocery stores--Arcata Food Co-op in Northern California and La Montanita Co-op in Albuquergue, NM. For the past seven years, I've been the owner of Earth Goods General Store, Salt Lake City's first eco-store. Our mission was to help members of the local community move toward sustainability in their everyday home, school and work activities. I've been steward to a small plot of land at Wasatch Community Gardesn (WCG) for ten years and also serve on the WCG Board of Directors. I look forward to helping realize a community owned food store in Salt Lake City and patronizing a business with values aligned with my own.

Stephanie copy copy Stephanie Buranek (Vice Chair)

I have natural foods store management experience ranging from operations and management, to inventory processes, employee menagement, food buying and prep. I also bring over twelve years of experience in commercial real estate leasing and sales with an emphasis on retail properites, including a strong overall knowledge of the retail real estate markters with a focus on the urban core and the central business district of Salt Lake City.

Tracy copyTracy Field (Secretary)

Statement under construction.




 Jodie copy copyJodie Grant (Chair)

While traveling for work, I stumbled upon the Bozeman Community Food Co-op and have craved a community-owned grocery store in my home town ever since. What better way to bring people together than through the food that we eat? Co-ops are uniquely organized to do just that. I joined the board so that I could help build such a place by spreading the word about all the good that can be generated in our own community through the simple act of buying groceries for our families. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree from the University of Utah and a background in sales and sales management. I am using my professional skills to help realize the dream of a market that is owned collectively by all of us. 

Kevin copy  Kevin Parks

The future of a quality food supply is in our hands. We can sit back and allow large corporations to drive our food further from nature, or we can choose to take action by supporting local, sustainable producers, with an emphasis on organic. I joined the board of directors to help our Salt Lake community attain this healthy future sooner. My professional experience is focused on design, marketing, and websites and I leverage these skills to achieve the Co-op's mission.

 Barbara copy copy Barbara Pioli

Food and culture are two elements that have brought me tremendous satisfaction throughout my life. One of my most cherished childhood memories is biting into a fresh slice of German cheesecake when I lived in the small town of Dornigheim, Germany. As a WCM Board member, I hope to share this passion for tasty, healthy food while contributing my organizational skills during the Co-op's foundation years. I was the founding director of Art Access/VSA Utah, development director of the Utah Humanities Council for 11 years, and currently run my own nonprofit consulting business. My forte is in organizational and board development.

Erin copy Erin Whitelock

 My journey to Wasatch Cooperative Market began in corporate industry. Over the years I worked in markeing and operations for a Fortune 100 company. Time and time again, I witnessed the business make decisions to benefit shareholders--they own the company, after all. The goal of modern business is to maximize profits and promote continuous econominc growth, oftentimes through unsustainble consumption. I found inspiration in the book, "The Great Turning," by David Korten. I have come to believe that the answer to healing our planet and our community lies in grassroots activism, energized from within the community, through the dedication of people within a community. For me, volunteering to help support and open the Co-op is a small action I can take to support an environmentally and socially sustainble future.






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