Why Become a Member-Owner NOW?

First and foremost: you get a cooperative grocery market in your community! Your investment provides the capital to get this store off the ground and open the doors. By investing today, you keep this effort moving forward. You also get the benefit of the Cooperative Business Partner Program which offers discounts and deals at some of your favorite businesses around town, including Squatters, Tin Angel, Pago, Rimini Coffee, Weller Book Works, Brewvies, Sage’s Café, and many more.  

Consumers today readily pay $50 to $100 for the privilege of shopping at big warehouse stores. The reality is that one gets very little in return for that annual fee! The Wasatch Cooperative Market offers conscientious consumers an alternative with a one-time investment in a grocery store that will provide healthy, local and sustainable foods and products for you and your family for years to come. The Co-op will give back to the community in ways that big box and chain health food stores just can’t: economic return to the community, job creation, liveable wages, and local business support—all great reasons to invest! Plus there are the extra benefits, rewards, and democratic control for member-owners. You can become a founding member-owner today—what are you waiting for?  Take advantage of any of our convenient payment plans now (as little as $25 a month!), and make our Co-op a reality!


Co-op News & Events

  • Meditrina Hosts Co-op Event on March 28th
    Meditrina Small Plates and Wine Bar,  at 1394 S. West Temple,  is hosting “Local and Seasonal Tastes,” to help build community support for Wasatch Cooperative Market. The theme--small plates highlighting local and seasonal ingredients—exemplifies the local and environmental priorities of both Meditrina and the Co-op. Sampling the small plates is
  • "Changing the Way We Eat"--A TEDx Manhattan Conference
    On Saturday, March 7th, the Co-op and four other local organizations--University of Utah's Sustainability Resource Center, Slow Food Utah, Salt Lake City's Sustainability Division and Wasatch Community Gardens--hosted TEDxManhattan, a worldwide video symposium about our food systems. The day featured live-stream video talks by leading food experts. Local presentations explained…
  • WCM Monthly Board Meeting
    Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month. Our next meeting is April 21, 2015. We meet at Gallery 814 (814 East 100 South) in Salt Lake City starting at 7:30 p.m. Member-owners are welcome to attend and provide comments. We meet in a small space, so
  • Wasatch Cooperative Market featured on KCPW
    Get a primer lesson about WCM, and co-ops in general, by listening to KCPW's recorded interview with Stuart Reid, with Food Co-op Initiative, produced by Roger McDonough.

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