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About Ownership

Cooperatives are built on community support and involvement. Become a co-owner today and help open our doors!

Benefits of Ownership

Ownership gives you a vote and through it, a voice in the direction and development of Wasatch Cooperative Market.

Members also enjoy an annual dividend (pending store success,) member discounts, access to special programs and information through a member website log-in account, monthly updates on co-op progress, events, and store specials, and more.


Most importantly, you become part of the support system for a true community-building project that will enrich the lives and make a better future for everyone!

Your investment launches a grocery store that

That will sell food that comes from local, humanely produced and sustainable sources

Provides a reliable source of organic and Non-GMO foods

Guarantees a trusted source of health and nutrition information

Improves the quality and quantity of locally produced food and other products

Supports farmers through fair trade practices

Welcomes and celebrates every customer

Gives you control of the store through a stronger voice of product selection

A store that LISTENS TO YOU, because YOU OWN IT!

Makes you eligible for our Local Business Partner program

Provides you annual refunds based on your patronage of the Co-op

A group of elected Board of Directors

Your Ownership Impact

Because it is OUR store, our collective ownership creates the Co-op. Growth in the number of owners allows development to continue:

600 co-owners were needed to look for a location;

750 co-owners needed to announce a potential location;

1,100 co-owners needed to launch the capital campaign;

1,500 co-owners needed to open our doors! 

The dollars you invest as an owner build our community

and help fund the start-up process.


The more owner-based capital Wasatch Cooperative Market has, the less we’ll need to borrow and the sooner owners can receive patronage refunds.

Ownership Application 

The lifetime ownership amount is $300.00 + $12.00 for online processing fees.

Join Today
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