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Our Story

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Salt Lake City has never had a true co-operative food market such as we are founding (but see Other Co-ops.) There have been like-minded stores at times, such as the former Whole Earth Natural Foods on 2nd Avenue and Nature’s Way grocery on 9th and9th, which both operated in the 1970’s. And there are stores that specialize in certain goods, such as health food, food supplements, and bulk. However, generally these were not and are not member-owned and democratically governed businesses.


Wasatch Cooperative Market was begun in 2009 as a founding organization with adherence

to the

Seven Cooperative Principles. It’s growing member/owner base diligently and thoughtfully worked to expand their numbers and accounts while preparing professionally to one day open a genuine community-serving food co-op.


With the signing of a lease on a building, we are now at the threshold of the storefront stage with full realization of our dream within sight: opening our doors for business! It’s been a long road but we have made community along the way. The most important chapter of Our Story is when it becomes YOUR story!

Wasatch Cooperative Market
Ends Statement as of August 2023

The Co-op is the center of an inclusive, vibrant Community

The Cooperative movement is strengthened

The Co-op serves as an educational resource on food issues

The local food movement is equitable, robust, and environmentally sound.

Our Ends Statement is a statement of purpose and explains our philosophy and
overarching aims. This is an important document in as much as it defines who we are
as a co-op and what we aim to achieve. The General Manger, staff, and
member/owners will be working to achieve these ends.

Many co-op ends statements are similar because most co-ops operate under the Seven
Cooperative Principles, which, in themselves, outline a definitive philosophy. However,
every co-op exists under a unique set of social, economic and environmental conditions,
so ends statements can differ significantly between them. Ends statements evolve and
we regard the current version as “under construction.” Ends statements are an
articulation of ideas from all co-op member/owners. Your ideas will be solicited.

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