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Co-op Voices

Nick & Birdy

“Co-ops have always been my favorite way to get food from my community and a way to make sure I’m shopping local, organic, and sustainable.”


“Co-ops are more than fresh food. It’s community! Co-ops are the intersection of community and good food. Co-ops are ALWAYS a highlight in my food and shopping experience”


“We loved the community feeling of the co-op we shopped @ in Ashland, Oregon. Workers knew our whole family and we always felt welcome. I am still an owner of the Ashland Co-op and don’t plan on changing that. I have missed shopping @ co-ops and want to stop giving my money to Jeff Bezos (‘Whole Paycheck’) - let’s go Co-op!”


“I loved the I could find fresh food and veggies at a fraction of the cost of big stores. The people were always welcoming and eager to chat about the latest in the store!”

*Editors Note*

WCM is committed to offer the best prices possible to member/owners without reference to other markets.


“Community feel was the biggest part for me — loving feeling like I know where my food is coming from; feeling like I am known, too! 😀”


Wasatch Cooperative Market member/owner No, 701

“The co-op shopping experience is a world of difference from an apathetic stroll through the soulless, dimly lit corporate food dispensaries that dominate the grocery scene. You feel comfortable, like you belong there, that it is YOUR store (and if you are a member/owner IT IS!) You know where your money goes, where your food comes from, and how it is produced and you are reminded why this is all so important for your community and your planet."


“I love food and grocery stores but when I discovered co-ops, it felt like that on steroids! The sense of community is amazing! 😀”


“Co-ops are a great way to bring food & people together! Local food is extremely important for a community.”


“Shopping at a co-op feels wildly different than walking into your average corporate grocery store. The items available feel intentional and hand picked, the staff feels passionate + knowledgable (because they are!), and you can find the unique, niche items you wouldn’t find anywhere else - typically reflective of non-traditional diets and often with an emphasis on local production + ownership. Do yourself a favor + try one today!”

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