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18 things you'll find at OUR Co-op that you probably won't find at a conventional
grocery store.


Member Owner discounts and dividends

Your favorite items and brands (because YOU help decide what’s on the shelf!)

A nurturing, sustained relationship directly with local farmers and producers.

Friendly, hard-working, helpful, and contented staff earning a living wage

An equal vote to elect the decision-makers and/or to run for office yourself!

Newsletters to keep you informed on our news, seasonal food and heath & nutrition 

Bulk section of dry goods, herbs, teas, cooking/baking products and much more!

More locally-sourced products than anywhere else.

Nutritional, health and environmental impact information on any product.

REDUCED WASTE!! produce goes to the needy and energy-producing composting

Member/owners can elect to use excess profit to support community causes

Regular and special events for like cooking classes, lectures & more.

In-store help on demand, including how and why to choose one product over another

Free fruit snacks for kids!

Opportunities to get involved in meaningful community service.


A feeling of being “AT HOME.”

A comfortable shopping environment designed for you.

A store that LISTENS TO YOU, because YOU OWN IT!

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