Help Us Open the Co-op!

We will introduce a full service grocery store owned by the community with the launch of Wasatch Cooperative Market. Members join neighbors and friends dedicated to having a voice in the sources of their food, and Salt Lake City will join more than 350 communities across the country that have cooperative grocery stores.

What Wasatch Cooperative Market will offer:

  • A wide selection of local, high quality, fairly priced products
  • A brick-and-mortar store open to the public
  • Dedication to supporting local farmers and producers and enabling healthy choices by bringing sutainable products, services, and education to our community
  • Building a strong local economy

While we are organizing the business, we are also growing the community support necessary to open our doors. We invite you to strengthen our food system and vote with your purchasing power. Click on the "Become A Member-Owner" tab and become a founding member-owner today. 

There are two striking differences between Wasatch Cooperative Market and a conventional grocery store:

1. The Co-op reflects the values and desires of our community because hundreds--at some point, thousands--of community members own and control it.

2. The Co-op is committed to the Seven Cooperative Principles: voluntary and open membership; democratic member control; member economic participation; autonomy and independence; education, training, and information; cooperation among cooperatives; and concern for the community.


Co-op News & Events

  • Own It! Campaign Inspires New Co-owners

    GrantJorell, Member-Owner #467, is the latest person to accept the Own It! challenge to bring co-ownership of the Co-op to 500. Welcome, Jorell. Joing the Co-op while it is still under development takes courage, leadership, and vision. Every person who joins       GRANT FAMILY M-O #402     brings the Co-op one step closer to reality. And joining while it is under development means you help shape the Co-op. Check out what it means by clicking here.

  • Co-op Experts Showcased at Impact Hub Salt Lake

    Wasatch CoOp 26Jodie Grant, Jack Wilbur, with 3 Squares Produce and Shaun Jacobsen talked about the importance of purchasing local foods and the positive impact it has on our community at Impact Hub Salt Lake's Building Sustainable Communities on May 11th. They cited sources on how eating healthy makes you happy: from better flavor to greater nutrients, your food impacts every facet of your life. The evening was topped off with a raw food class by Adrianna Adams, with Nourish Life.

  • Co-op Volunteers Crush Compost Piles at Recent Farm Mob!
    Co-op Volunteers Crush Compost Piles at Recent Farm Mob!

    Before the Co-op opens its store, providing a greatly expanded market to local farmers, our volunteers are helping farmers succeed by helping with farm chores. Good composting is at the heart of excellent farming. And Co-op volunteers were instrumental in helping Gobo Farms advance their work by turning four humongous compost piles in three hours! At the end of the afternnoon, Scott, owner of Gobo Farm, guided volunteers in building a new compost pile--alternating layers of green, brown material, manure and dirt in the correct proportions.   

  • Next Board Meeting is June 20
    Next Board Meeting is June 20

    Our next monthly Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 20, at Gallery 814, 814 East 100 South, in Salt Lake. Member-owners are invited to share their comments and questions. Anyone considering becoming a member-owner is welcome to attend. Space is limited. Please send a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to


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